Dairy cows (I Pro Dairy)


Proper calf management from birth to weaning, with adequate health and growth rate levels, enables animals to exhibit their genetic potential once they enter the production cycle. Ensuring optimal colostrum management and adequate daily growth rates in the first 60 days of life is a key target for any breeder.

At the core of our technical policies is the knowledge that the minimum daily growth rate target must be equal to 700-750 g, and that lower or higher growth rates will lead to proportionately lower or higher milk production performance levels in adult animals.

Such targets can only be achieved by providing animals with optimum welfare conditions and technically high-grade feed.

Add-Co Nutrition offers to breeders

  • I Pro Dairy Grower (download pdf)
  • Prominend elite (download pdf)

Dry Period

Utmost attention must be paid to the "recovery" period between one lactation cycle and the next. The implementation of proper food techniques, coupled with the use of special complementary feed, enables animals to dispose of lactation residues and gear up for the next one.

In this stage, administering sufficient amounts of macroelements, microelements, vitamins, antioxidants, and potentially anionics, enables animals to regain ideal welfare conditions that will play a role in the success of the following lactation cycle.


It’s the most critical period for animals. It’s the phase during which an animal gets ready for a new lactation cycle. The implementation of certain management and nutritional strategies enables animals to go through this stage with relative ease. Careful transition management allows for keeping tabs on issues that are typical of this stage, such as ketoses, retentions, dislocations, etc. In this respect, nutrition can be a valuable aid.

Add-Co Nutrition has developed and selected technically high-grade complementary feed, which can help animals to go through this stage in the best possible state of health.

Our offering:

  • I pro Dairy Resol Plus: complementary feed that provides by-pass proteins, energy, rumen microflora modulators, antioxidants, and rumen-protected choline.. (download pdf)
  • Novichol MC: rumen-protected choline. (download pdf)
  • Novicin: rumen-protected niacin. (download pdf)
  • Energy Booster 100® . (download pdf)


The key word for Add-Co Nutrition is dynamism. Animals’ needs change, raw materials change, managerial ability changes, the know-how changes, additives available for use change...

Dynamism calls for us to tailor our products for each individual customer, so as to meet the animals’ needs and provide our customers with the keys to their success.

Rounding off our line of custom complementary feed, we offer:

Escent Line line for mycotoxin management

  • Escent R (download pdf)
  • Escent S (download pdf)

Other products:

  • Novichol MC, rumen-protected choline for liver support (download pdf)
  • Novicin 50, rumen-protected niacin for heat stress (download pdf)
  • Novimet, rumen-protected methionine for milk quality (download pdf)
  • Energy Booster 100®, fractionated rumen-bypass fatty acid blend (download pdf)
  • Phyx-up, the most powerful and innovative buffer available on the market (download  pdf)